Cycling on the best itineraries in Europe

It is Springtime: lots of sunshine, blooming colourful tulips, the black-and-white cows in the green meadows. And … YES: everybody is riding his bicycle!

Let’s go out and feel good while pedalling from town to town and exploring the flat Dutch countryside where you’ll see the windmills at the horizon.

Feel like joining us on a great cycling tour on one of the selected trips in Europe? Visit and discover many options you may choose from! Here are some suggestions for you:

The Greenway to Valencia (Spain)

Bike from hotel to hotel on the ‘Vías Verdes’ (greenways) and across an attractive countryside and passing traditional Spanish villages. The tour ends in beautiful Valencia, full of history, livelyness and a great variety of cafés and restaurants 

The Green Heart of Holland

by bike and boat to old Dutch cities like Gouda, Haarlem and Amsterdam • cycle trips across the dunes along the coastline • museums showing paintings by Rembrandt and Frans Hals. In short: the genuine Holland as a huge Highlight

The Loire Valley (France)

Between Nevers and Briare you’ll find an attractive region for a relaxing bike and boat tour! Follow the ancient canals and the river Loire pedalling on your bicycle. A cycling friendly landscape takes you to historic towns like Charité sur Loire and to the aqueduct of Briare. Immerse yourself in the genuine French atmosphere!

The Pearls of Venice (Italy)

Around Venice you’ll find a couple of Italian urban beauties like Vicenza, famous for Palladio’s buildings, and lively Padova, home of one of the oldest universities of Europe. The vacation houses of the former Venetian wealthy lead to the highlight of your trip: Venice. Take your time to wonder around and taste the special atmosphere

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