On this page you will find the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have another question, please contact us at info@travelsforyou.eu


Who are in my group?

A groups consists of appr. 12 to 25 cyclists, depending on the tour you book. People of all ages book our tours but they are mainly aged between 35 and 65 years old. On our tours you’ll mostly find people from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy and Spain.

If you are traveling on your own and wish to do one of our group tours, you’ve come to the right.organization. You can book a single cabin (on request)at a surcharge. You can also choose to share a cabin with someone of your own gender without a supplement (not applicable to all tours)


Is the tour suitable for children?

Children are very welcome on all tours. Please be aware that some tours have longer cycling distances and may therefore be less suitable for children. We developed different family tours that are suited for families with children. If you have any questions regarding these tours, please contact us.


What is the cycle level of my tour?

We have indicated the level of the cycling tours. You can find the cycling distances of your tour in the day to day program. When you are in doubt if this is OK for you, don’t hesitate to ask our advise. In the descriptions of the daily stretches we mention if you come across some hills. If you wish to skip cycling for a day, you are welcome to stay aboard.


How long are the daily cycling distances on average?

The daily cycling distances vary between 30 and 60 km per day. The exact distances can be found on the trip in the day-to-day program. You start in the morning after breakfast with the cycling day and at about the end of the afternoon you are back on board. The cycling distances on our family tours vary between 20 and 35 km per day


What do I bring?

There is a limited storage-space available in the cabin aboard your hotel barge. We would advise you not to bring big/hard suitcases. It is better to take soft bags which can be put under the beds.

Please bring only what you will actually need, such as comfortable clothing, sneakers or similar comfortable shoes with rubber soles (you can’t wear high heals or shoes with leather soles on the ship), sunglasses, suncream, a cap, water bottle, water- and windproof jacket; pocket-lantern, (smart-) phone, tablet, camera, passport and money.



What bike do I get?

You will get a 7- or 24-gear tour bike with handbrakes, depending on the tour you do. We can also request an E-bike for you. For the children we can arrange a child bike, family tandem, child seat or trailer. There is a surcharge for these special bikes. During the tour you will receive a bike pannier for your bottle of water, photo camera and lunch package.


Can I also book an E-bike?

You can also reserve an E-bike for an extra charge. It is important to handle the bike properly because the bike is a lot heavier due to the motor and battery.


Should I wear a helmet?

In the Netherlands and Belgium it is not obligated to wear a helmet. However if you feel safer to wear one, please bring your own hemet with you. On some trips it is possible to rent a helmet. On our tours in other countries, such as France, Greece, and Croatia, the terrain is not as smooth as in Holland. Therefore we strongly advise you to bring your own helmet and wear it


Can I bring my own bicycle?

You can bring your own bicycle on most tours. Please ask us in advance whether it is possible to bring your own bicycle on board.


Are there also children’s bicycles?

For the children, we can reserve a children’s bicycle, child tandem, child seat or bicycle trailer. Surcharges are charged for these special bicycles.


What happens when it rains?

Usually we will follow the planned cycle trip when it rains. When the weather is really bad or if there are extreme circumstances, we could alter the program or decide for a sailing trip instead. You are free to stay on board and relax instead of cycling with the group.


Travel guidance

What does my tour leader do?

There is a tour leader present during the bike and barge holidays. He/she shows the group the way during the cycle trips, to excursions and also guides city walks. He or she is always available for questions. During our family tours, depending on the size of the group, there could be 2 tour leaders present.


Which languages do the tour leaders speak?

Your tour leader speaks Dutch, English and German. Some tour leaders also speak French, Italian or Spanish.


On board of the boats

Are special diets possible?

If you have special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian meals, lactose intolerant or gluten-free meals, please let us know at time of booking. It is very important that the cook knows about your diet in advance in connection with purchasing the food. We charge a fee for a special diet.


Is there WiFi on board?

On most ships there is an internet connection on board. Keep in mind that the connection can sometimes be slower than you are used to at home.


Which facilities are on board?

On our website you can check which facilities are available on the ship and in your cabin.


Is it also possible to stay on board for a day?

Yes, it is possible to relax on board for a day. You must prepare a packed lunch in the morning.


Departure place

How do I reach the ship?

You need to travel by yourself to the starting point of your tour. Sometimes a transfer from the station / airport to the ship is included or possible for a fee. On your confirmation you’ll find the start- and ending point of your cycling holiday. In your travel information you will find detailed directions how to get to the ship.


Where can I park?

This depends on where your tour starts. We advise you to use public transport to get to the mooring place of the ship because (longterm) parking may be hard to find and at high costs. You can also use our Valet parking service in Amsterdam.